Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bamboo Prison


I was watching the Korean War era film The Bamboo Prison last night when this little gem of a scene rolled.

It astounded me how accurately progressives were defined in a Hollywood movie over a half century ago.
I wonder who on the left decided 'Progressive' was the way to go when 'Liberal' became tarnished.
Here's the imdb link.
Recommended when if it runs again.
Thomas "MR" Mann
Mr. Mann is awarded the COD w/ Cluster


Anonymous said...

It will be fun to annoy the progressives I meet with the meaning of the word during the Korean War. Most of them probably won't know that the Progressive Movement began in the 1890's. Come to think of it, I am not sure modern progressives will be annoyed at being called Communist sympathizers I will have to see.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to split hairs Luigi, but there was a full fledged Marxist movement in America by 1848. The New York Socialist club was a who's who of north eastern city residents. Carl Marx himself was a popular contributor to the NY Post and was reprinted in five other newspapers. The failed Marxist revolution of 1848 resulted in highly educated Germanics fleeing to America and finding a political vacuum that they filled by taking over an old defunct Republican party, and eventually getting a borrowed Whig into the presidency. The roots of American socialism go back farther than most people could imagine. -Anymouse

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