Saturday, July 30, 2016


                           Microsoft, you utter berk            

My conversion from WIN 8 went swimmingly,  and I quite like WIN 10.  MoSup's conversion from WIN 7 was another matter.  After hours 2 days of continual effort, we got the Blue message.  Not only that, but when tracking an error code on the web I was suckered into a Microsoft clone that installed itself on her computer.  That took hours to undo.  The end shot is that last night I said fk-it it and bought her a new laptop.  How prescient that. 

This morning when I booted her  up,  the screen was all jiggly. The message "Windows has stopped working.  Please reboot.
"  When I rebooted the thing said it had to do a disk check.  That's the last thing the old girl ever said.  DEAD as a door nail, thank you very much. So there's that.  Since yesterday was, supposedly, the last day to get the free 10, this will be of no use to anyone.  After 25years of of using Windows, I know when I'm beat.


DougM said...

That deserves a sympathy card.

Juice said...

Just considered this yesterday because I'm on 8. Husband went to 10, I stayed on 8, considered missing free install and how it could screw me for not having it, and decided my next lap top will have it so wth? Appearance of Windows 10 looks like it was built for kindergartners.

Tom said...

I got two flat tires on bike ride yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Was running win 7 on wife's computer (linux on mine). I finally tried to update her's earlier this week. The 10 update said her computer wasn't compatible. Found out it was missing a specific update. Installed that and then at end of install (about 6 hours later), the install failed for an unknown reason. Found various suggestions for problem and disabled driver signature verification, tried again. Install failed again (6 hours later) but this time for a reason. Looked it up and had to do some command line instructions. Tried again. Failed again, but for a different error. Looked it up. Another update to install and Still more command line instructions. Tried again. Somewhere in the middle of the install the machine locked up... Left it over night. STILL locked up. Installed linux. Works great. Wife will get used to it...

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Dough, you unfeeling bastid! (We both have iPads though, which are only good for reading mail and watching movies).

Anonymous said...

16 years ago my entire department got a nasty computer virus that took us offline for several weeks while we cleaned up and law enforcement investigated. A lot of work was lost and had to be redone. We were completely up to date on patches and anti-virus software. I switched to Mac at work and at home and I am never going back. I have found Mac programs that do everything I need to do, so I don't bother with dual boot or parallels or any of that.

My wife switched back to Windows a few years ago and it's been a struggle to keep her computer running. since. Windows 8 was the last straw. I backed up her files, erased her disk -- even expunged the recovery partition -- and installed Ubuntu Linux. I imported her photographs into the photo manager, and restored her documents and installed software for her scanner. She is happy and swears she is never going back to Windows again.
--Yet Another Bob

Anonymous said...

Its like back when Win 98 came out and all it seemed to do was take back apps that came with Win95 and demand money for them(Office and Home). They have wrung the $ out of this OS and can't come up with anything new worth a crap and have to justify their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Microsoft (despite what Linux and OS10 users say) is essentially a monopoly for people who do not want to devote their lives to understanding their operating systems or the internet, which is most people. As a monopoly they offer small "improvements" to their software, often for just a small segment (but large revenue sources like large corporate users), these changes also make it harder to steal their software. Over time these changes force the average users to upgrade their operating system, hardware and related software for no real gains (for example Office360) and sometimes less utility (but you get to use big pretty monitors and faster HDs). This provides a continuing source of revenue to many companies as well as Microsoft. Get used to it, you are not that important to them. You could hold your nose and buy MSFT (up 100% in 5 years with a 2.5% dividend yield) to try to get back some of your costs at least until the whole thing implodes. I hope this post passes the Curmudgeonly test. For my own health please don't post about things like iPhones ($750?).

Eskyman said...

All the above makes me very glad I got GWX Control Panel months ago, which has protected my Win7 Ult. PC against the virus known as Win10.

Just for yucks I let my old laptop get infected with the Win10 malware, and for a while it seemed to work; like all MS innovations, they've made things that were easy much harder, and hidden the things I used all the time far away from anyplace I'd look for them; but I thought that maybe I was wrong, and 10 wasn't so bad after all. I was stil concerned about the keylogging and data theft, but hey, the NSA already steals it all, what's one more?

Then came another "update" which of course I was powerless to prevent even if I'd wanted to, and since then the laptop is locked up tight. Can't get it to finish booting, there's some kind of error that I'd have to go into safe mode & try to fix- but I'm just going to reformat & install Linux instead. If I have to learn another OS, I'd prefer it to be one that's under my control.

I still like Win7 Ult, and it'll be the last MS software I ever have. I wonder how many will give up on MS? (Apple fanbois, your hardware works fine, but I don't want to be in your expensive walled garden and never will be.)

Sonoboy said...

Just sittin' here at my Mac, chompin' on some popcorn. My Mac also runs Windows 7 Professional should I want to use that.

You can get a Mac Mini starting at $499.00 and use your current mouse, keyboard and display. Relatively cheap, and OS updates are free and support the hardware for many years.

When you have total control of both hardware and software, things have a better chance of working in the final product.
You're welcome.

pdwalker said...


I regularly run WinXP (can't let go of my old machine, so I turned it into a virtual machine and continue to run it), Win 7, Win10, Linux (all kinds) and MacOSX.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that MacOSX blows the doors off of all of them - in my opinion. Win7 is the last version of windows I will willingly use. Win8 is just like vista and is something that should be mind wiped from the world.

Win10? Ugh. Better than Win8 for sure, but not a great improvement. I use it because I have to be familiar with it.

For anyone wanting to stay with windows and have moved on from Win7, I can highly recommend Classic Shell: It's freeware and works as advertised.

As for the "expensive walled garden", I am not sure what you mean. Almost every program I use on my Mac is open source or freeware. I did pay for MS Office, but that was a necessity.

As for the cost of the hardware, if I want a Windows laptop of comparable quality that I'll expect to have working in 5-10 years, it'll cost the same.

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