Saturday, July 02, 2016

Congressman David Cicilline on Guns

Cicilline listed the components of a weapon that made it an “assault weapon”

Friday morning’s Fox and Friends saw Tucker Carlson interviewing Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI), a fierce advocate for stricter gun laws. The two began their discussion about the recent Democratic Party sit-in, and eventually shifted to the Democrat’s recent proposal for an assault weapons ban. Cicilline listed the components of a weapon that made it an “assault weapon” but had no idea of the function of what he wants to ban.

According to Cicilline, a barrel shroud is one of the elements that make a rifle an assault weapon, but when pressed he kept evading the question about what a barrel shroud does (a barrel shroud is a safety feature which slips over that the barrel of a gun to prevent the person handling the weapon from burning their hand on a hot barrel). [Full]

Will nobody rid us of these meddlesome a-holes?


Anonymous said...

The Speaker, Eddie Munster has already notified the House republicans that gun legislation will be brought to the floor after the July 4th recess. So I guess the demoCrap temper fit last week worked. As usual the dems are walking around with the repubics gonads in their pockets.

I can't stand these coward, bastids, almost as much as the dems.

rickn8or said...

Oh, FFS. It's been seven freaking years since Carolyn McCarthy embarrassed the shit out of you gun grabbers the same exact way.
In the age of the Internet, there is no excuse for such sloppy research.

Anonymous said...

We try to get rid of this fop but, Sissyweenie (yes he is gay) is a boil on the butt of Rhode Island. He was mayor of Providence and left the place in a shambles.

The next two mayors had to deal with huge debt and a general downturn of the city. Recently deceased former Mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci - yes a democrat is largely heralded with revitalizing Providence but, sissyweeny and his ilk have turned what was once a town on the mend into a third-world s&)#hole in record time.


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