Friday, July 29, 2016

Flight 232


If you're a fan of Air Disasters ( I think it's most gripping show in town)  you'll have seen the United Airlines Flight 232 segment.  What particularly resonates with me is that cuzzin ricky had a friend and work-mate on the plane.  He was not one of the 185.   This Boing-Boing treatment is also pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Just saw last night the story of a DHL plane flying out of Baghdad about 2003 hit in the left wing with a SAM-14 while a French women reporter was with the terrorists. Suffered failure in all three hydraulic systems and landed more successfully than Flight 232 with thrust only. Part of the same series I think. Earlier a Japanese plane had suffered the same loss of hydraulics and may still be the worst aviation accident to date.

Anonymous said...

My home town. My fondest memories are of the air shows I watched there as a child. That lead to my career in Naval Aviation. When I go back to visit now it is truly mixed emotions at the 'air base' as we used to call it.

Anonymous said...

They are all on youtube, well, mostly

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