Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kerry "DUHBY"

Secretary of State John Kerry has said that terrorism is a more dangerous global threat than climate change, according to the Washington Examiner.

"Let me just say that one of the greatest challenges of our times besides the fight against extremism is to deal with the enormous battle of climate change," Kerry said in Denmark, perhaps indicating that he is changing course from earlier pronouncements that climate change is the greater threat.
"The threat of climate change is, without question, one of the defining if not the defining challenge — I'd probably give violent extremism — the defining threat of a generation, and it is a challenge that everybody has to approach with urgency," Kerry said while in Norway.

Even bigger than a President Trump?  
Kerry is just too, too special.


Anonymous said...

Which can only mean they will start to launder money from the Fed via terrorism instead of crappy windmills. Gonna be a lot more shit get blowed up. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

Come now! Even he knows that the reduction in fossil fuel use, and reduction in total world population that would accompany reverting to a 7th century economy and life-style - would cure the spectre of Glo-Bull Warming. So all they have to do is find an easy way for this to happen...

A paranoid friend of mine once said: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're *not* out to get you.

He also said that there's no such thing as a coincidence...

Anonymous said...

When Querrie shuts off all the AC in his homes, in his yacht, in his limo(s), in his DC office and walks or bikes to work, and forgoes the ski lifts and walks up the mountain to ski down, I might believe he is serious. In the meantime, I see a high-living, hypocritical gigolo with a mediocre intellect fawning for the European socialist intelligentsia he worships, while looking down his long Pinocchio nose at us plebes, as he lies to us in order to maintain control over our lives.

He is a despicable, total a**hole.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Stu Tarlowe said...

C'mon, if global warming were a threat in league with that of terrorism, "Lurch" would find an insufferably-hip name for it that nobody else uses, a la "Daesh".

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