Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Marilyn Mosby Bitch Slaped



Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore state’s attorney, pauses while speaking during a media availability on May 1, 2015, in Baltimore. Mosby announced criminal charges against all six officers suspended after Freddie Gray suffered a fatal spinal injury while in police custody.

Legal analysts ripped Baltimore prosecutors Monday over their handling of the Freddie Gray case, saying the prosecution should drop all charges against the three remaining police officers or risk more embarrassment in the courtroom.
What’s more, John Banzhaf, an activist law professor at George Washington University, said he would file a complaint Tuesday with the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission calling for the disbarment of the lead prosecutors in the trials of the six police officers accused of wrongdoing in the 2015 arrest and death of the 25-year-old black man.
The pointed criticism came Monday after Lt. Brian Rice was acquitted of all charges for his role in Gray’s arrest and death. The lieutenant was the highest-ranking of the accused officers, and his full acquittal was the third consecutive loss for prosecutors. Another trial ended in a hung jury in December, and a retrial has been scheduled. [FULL]

Still, that wont hurt her chance to be Baltimore's next mayor.


Anonymous said...

Mosby and Mayor Rawlings-Blake are both uppity, affirmative action, nakedly ambitious, racist bitches looking to move up in the world of race pimp/victimhood politics. They both should be disbarred, not the prosecutors. Once again we have search for the guilty, punishment of minor players and we'll see rewards for the real villains.

Anonymous said...

a "a media availability"?

whatdahell is a "media availability"?!?

"...first seize the language"

Juice said...


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