Thursday, July 14, 2016

Obama's GHOST book

Part I; Origins

The draft was obtained from Obama’s brother and former best man Malik Obama. Written notes and sticky notes all over the pages indicate large portions of the book were NOT written by Obama.

"I should have known.  After all "she" was introduced to me by that devil in tight jeans Larry Sinclair."

Tell me when you find that part in this 566 page draft.


Anonymous said...

It "got so hot in the summer that people would take their blankets out by the lake to sleep."

Gee, it must've been pretty darn SAFE in Chicago back then; no worries about robbed or killed while you slept, or just getting caught in a crossfire. Don't try it today.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Anonymous said...

" so hot in the summer that people would take their blankets out by the lake to sleep."
Big fucking deal. Does that qualify them for martyrdom and sainthood? Baltimore was probably hotter than Chicago, and my parents did that as kids and early in their marriage with me. Druid Hill Park and Herring Run Park were full of people doing that on hot summer nights. I remember my Dad's wool army blanket as being too scratchy on a hot night.

"Her voice evoked a vision of black life..." and "that image filled me with longing." Take out "black" and it would describe my parents' and my life growing up in a big city. It also describes a life where normal, multigenerational, complete families were in the majority, where men worked and came home to an integral family, performing the role of loving fathers as God intended it. Buraq's Great Society and War on Poverty party trashed all that and destroyed the black family, and now they are doing the same for all families. It does not "Take a Village", it takes a moral, intact, two-parent family unit where one parent stays home and raises the kids.

Buraq had a philandering bigamist for a father, a whore for a mother, both of whom abandoned him, and was raised by commies for grandparents. His embitterment has led him on a destructive path of revenge for that.
That *&^%#$%^ sociopath should have entitled his bio Dreams of How I wished It Was.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Dan said...

Gee--sleeping in the park in Chicago and Balmer. Guess they don't have fire ants.

(of course if fire ants made it to the national mall in DC they would've had a task force set up at USDA and EPA and the Army Chemical Corps to figure out a way to get rid of them.

As it is, it's just something that folks down in the southern tier of states have to worry about and put up with.

Anonymous said...

Dan - "sleeping in the park in Chicago and Balmer. Guess they don't have fire ants."
ope, no fire ants. Sixty - seventy years ago we didn't have predatory savages in Balmer either. Now, I suspect if you tried sleeping in Druid Hill or Herring Run Parks, it would be a tossup whether you'd be arrested or robbed and murdered first.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Rodger the Real King of France said...

First time I've heard Druid Hill Park mentions since ... well, a long story.

g2loq said...

Some voted TWICE for this.

TheOldMan said...

If it's that hot, then why did people bring blankets?

Cheesy said...

Bairy, fairy, it's all the same...

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