Sunday, July 03, 2016

The great diseased refuge cover-up


Earlier this month, Watchdog revealed that 35 percent of Vermont’s incoming refugees in the past four years tested positive for tuberculosis. How many of those cases are contagious and symptomatic, however, remains a secret, as state epidemiologists and top officials at the Health Department have spent weeks blocking efforts to obtain the data.

Refugees brought to the United States take TB tests as part of comprehensive health screening. For refugees resettled in Vermont, the Department of Health’s Refugee Health Program monitors test results and treats patients who have active TB disease. Unlike latent tuberculosis infection, active TB disease is contagious, symptomatic and even deadly. [Full]

When I was in boot camp at Fort Knox, the DI's refrain "Did the commies send you here to fuck-up the U.S. Army?" rang out daily.  Same question many of us have been asking of Obamacrats.  On the evidence, the answer must be "Yes sergeant!"

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Sonoboy said...

The Joker shoulda taken out Leahy when he had the chance at that penthouse soirée...

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