Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Voter fraud: inalienable right

Voter fraud is now an inalienable right
…according to the 5th Circuit

“Voter fraud is now an inalienable right. A 9-6 en banc ruling from the full Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals invalidated a 2011 Texas law (SB 14) requiring that every voter showing up at the polls presents a valid photo ID, the same requirement of someone who purchases a pack of Sudafed. - See more at:


The six dissenting justices, led by Judge Edith Jones retorted that there was absolutely no evidence under the sun to suggest this law is discriminatory against minorities or was passed with discriminatory intent.  “By keeping this latter claim alive, the majority fans the flames of perniciously irresponsible racial name-calling,” wrote an exasperated Jones

Moreover, as I note in Stolen Sovereignty, there is a widespread problem with non-citizens voting in our country. Texas has about 4.5 million immigrants, including over 1.7 million illegal aliens. According to a 2014 analysis referenced in the Washington Post, more than 14% of all non-citizens in the country are illegally registered to vote.  [FULL]

Prognosis: BRAIN CANCER!


Anonymous said...

Thomas Jefferson warned us about the danger of letting Judges dictate law. We are clearly there now. Every despotic dictator rides in on a horse called Democracy. There is no doubt we are ruled by Supreme Court Mullah's. The next time someone tries to wow you with his political knowledge by saying "we are actually a Federal Republic", vomit on his shoes. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

What they ruled, in a nutshell, is that minorities can't be expected to master the complexities of a photo ID card. The same thing dems have said before. BLM is arguing that blacks either can't or shouldn't be expected to obey the law. It's a pattern. It is disgusting. And the REALLY sad part is that the minorities are not up in arms at the insult. All you need is a cool breeze and your guvmint cheese!

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