Friday, August 12, 2016

Cooked the Books on ISIS


A government task force finds that senior officers manipulated intelligence reports to make the President look good. The result? The Islamic State had time to blossom and flower.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | August 11, 2016

Last year, 50 professional intelligence officers at US Central Command filed a formal complaint that their intelligence reports were being altered by senior officers.  Now, we can say for certain that they were right.  A Congressional task force investigating the complaint has found convincing evidence that the reports generated by junior officers were far more dire in analysis of the threat from the Islamic State (ISIS), and that those reports became altered only once senior officers close to US Central Command (CENTCOM) leadership became involved.  Those altered intelligence reports sometimes made it into the President’s briefing material, where they could reinforce his judgment that ISIS was not a threat he had to take seriously.

The President later attempted to blame Austin for his decision, saying that he was acting on Austin’s advice. In fact, Austin had recommended keeping 20,000 troops in the country to ensure its stability as a fledgling democracy. It was ignoring that advice that created the conditions in which ISIS initially began to blossom.
Worse, these altered intelligence reports formed the basis for sworn testimony given by then-CENTCOM Commander Lloyd Austin.  General Austin’s testimony to Congress thus painted a rosier picture than was accurate.  This gave allies of the President in Congress the opportunity to downplay the need for policy changes, and undermined Republican efforts to drive a more serious response to the ISIS threat.  Such false statements by General Austin may have been perjury, especially if he was aware that they were false.

In a familiar pattern of behavior, it looks as if senior officials have been destroying records — especially emails — to block the ongoing Defense Department Inspector General investigation. [FULL]


Anonymous said...

There isn't any part of the gubermint these bastards haven't corrupted. Career people are walking away in droves because of all the PC bullshit that they incur each and every day. That count {197} is actually low, the number is around 250, but that might depend of your version of "Senior".


Helly said...

Wasn't there some fuss about puffery in military intelligence during the Johnson Adventure in Vietnam?

We should have a new rule: Dem presidents don't get to command the military. Or State Department. Or Dept. of Justice. Or IRS. Or EPA. Or NASA. Hmmm ...

Anonymous said...

"Career people are walking away in droves"
Funny you should mention that, yesterday it came out the Air Force has a serious pilot shortage. Jeez I wonder why.
c.umulus n.imbusi iii

Anonymous said...

Well I learned today that if your gear is mis-rigged, there is a way you can get a free sex change. Just join the Marine Corps. Mind boggling really, given the amount of crap I had to go through just to get replacement boots. Semper Fabulous. -Anymouse

Juice said...

WoW! No wonder the Dems don't fear Hill's lies or deletion of emails, it's every day modus operandi for this partay.

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