Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Life of a King

cinema à la carte                                 

Life Of A King

A ***** example of what BLM ought to be preaching


Jon said...

Karate Kid comes to Harlem. Looks good tho.

Stu Tarlowe said...

I've never played chess. But, as a kid in NYC, I watched the chess players at the stone chess tables and benches in the various city parks. The "diversity" (before that word entered the pop lexicon) of the players clearly put the lie to any notion that "minorities" were less intelligent.

Note on Dennis Haysbert: I loved him in "The Unit". It's hard to believe he could be on that show (created by David Mamet, a reformed Lib) and still be such a Hollywood Liberal (he was a big supporter of Barbara Boxer).

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