Monday, August 29, 2016

Lost and Found

When I suffered a monumental system crash a few years ago, that not only destroyed my computer  but the backup drive as well, I was bereft. I did cobble together a semblance of history using several thumb drives, and by mining info from three old computers stashed in the basement. When the smoke cleared I was left with most everything post 2008 (Except most of my Obama files?). 

While house cleaning on Friday, I discovered a stash of forgotten CD back-ups.  OMFG!  The past few days I've been mining them.  So far I've recovered approx. 300,000 pictures, and countless texts and e-mail data.  From time to time I'll repost some that have relevance, or just amuse me. Like these.


Helly said...

I discovered a stash....

Good for us! A rare appearance of Looter Man.

On the downside, I am concerned about any Howard Dean imagery, vis-à-vis the current Bernie hysteria. People might start connecting the dots, and Vermonters not look so good.

BTW, did I mention I'm a Floridian?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

We have long memories Helly.

Skoonj said...

Do you have better backup now?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Nope. None, as a matter of fact. Fkm

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez;

Great Rog! I too lost a ton of stuff when, first my old PC and then my Lap-Top crashed. Then, to make matters worse; I also lost my first W-D "My-Book" remote hard drive.

I haven't been able to recover anything. But, I too discovered a ton of stuff that I had forgotten that I put on C-D's and DVD's. Mine dates back to about 2000 (I got my first PC in '92) and I have a lot of the old Clinton dirt and the early Bush bashing.

I still try every now and then to recover something off of one of those drives. I haven't yet given-up completely.!

So now I'm paranoid and when I save something on my PC's hard drive I also save a copy on the new W-D remote, sometimes on my wife's W-D remote too and periodically on DVD's. Even some thumb drives have "must have" account and password info on them.

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