Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Minimum wage scam

New council members may mean new life for minimum wage bill

Baltimore’s minimum wage proposal would win approval with support of five City Council candidates who pledged to back it if elected in November. Supporters say raising the minimum wage to $15 by 2022 would provide workers a livable wage. Opponents say it would cost jobs and prompt companies to leave the city. The bill failed to muster enough votes Monday. (Baltimore Sun)
Social DNA scientists (working with the National Academy of Social Engineers) have determined that the same genetic make-up that make Liberals want to help everyone, also leaves them incapable of understanding even basic economics.  It also predisposes  them to think that their  compassion is often offset by a contemptibly self serving minority who must be be forced by law to do their share.


Anonymous said...

2022? Ha! Here in Cleveland they just forced the city council to vote down a proposal that would raise the minimum wage to $15 January 1st 2017 within city limits.

AND there is a chance that because Council voted it down it may appear as a ballot issue in November.

Voters could literally destroy Cleveland's economy by ballot.

Stay tuned....

-Reverend Jim

Arthur said...

"...Liberals want to help everyone"

I would need overwhelming evidence proving that hypothesis for me to believe it.

Their policies are so consistently destructive I have a very hard time believing it to be anything but intentional.

Helly said...

I'm with Arthur: Never met a Lefty with any intention of helping anybody but themselves.

Also Jim makes a good point: Pushing implementation of $15/hr out to 2022 is soft-peddling the issue. $10 worth of methamphetamines will cost at least $15 by then anyway.

But I am always irked by burying the lede.

Opponents say it would cost jobs and prompt companies to leave the city.

Who knew companies are still operating in Baltimore? That's crazy.

toadold said...

Companies aren't even going to install robot burger flippers, tests show robots will leave when sexually molested.

Anonymous said...

If you can make $15 an hour and your only skill is making socks stink, just imagine what your plumber will charge.

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't seen it.


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