Monday, August 08, 2016

moan moan moan

I'm on break

So, yeah, I've been doing other stuff that I had to do,  like various appointments and trying to set MoSup's new laptop working when all of her history on the old one was fried and so I have to reconstruct from old BUs. And then there's passwords. MFCS PASSWORDS UP THE YING YANG!  Collectively we must have 150, some in use for 10 years or more.  Thing is,  anytime you re-register/install on a different box you have to meet the new protocols (minimum 26 letters, every other word in CAPS, four primary numbers. and a partridge tree). 


Anonymous said...

You need to start using a password manager like Keepass or Lastpass. You just have to remember one master password to log in, and it remembers all the rest of them for you. Also, you might want to try this service to set up your new machine: You can create your own installer of many common programs, download it and install all at once.

pdwalker said...

Passwords. Yeah, what a pain in the ass.

I use a password manager program (keepass: ) that I use to generate and store my passwords.

Now, I only need to remember one (good) password and I use this program to cut/paste whatever horrible password any particular site needs.

Works great!

Jon said...

I use Lastpass. It learns them as you go.

FishStyx said...

I concur on Ninite!!
It turns a re-install from a multi-houred afternoon of swearing and gnashing of teeth into a fairly straight-forward 30 minutes of un-attended ease.
Great tool!!
We use it regularly for updating as well.

Helly said...

Reading of your eternal struggles with Windows always lifts my spirits. And I write this from the beach (xfinitywifi hotspots!) with a 6 y/o MacBook Air still working better than new.

Our persistent algorithmic passwords still work. abcd1234WXYZ

abcd = something about a name
1234 = something about a year
WXYZ = something about the particular service or website

For example, if I needed a strong p/w for Curmudgeonly & Skeptical, it might look like this: elly2016CURM. I could never forget it because I only need to remember the single rule for making all our passwords.

Anonymous said...

...which is why so many of my few pw's contain "suXor" and "ba$$turd"....


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