Saturday, August 13, 2016

The cat's out of the bag ...

       News they'd expect ...


Former Bush CIA Chief: Military Won’t Obey Illegal Orders From Trump
“That’s not just gonna happen, sir. I’m sorry. We won’t do that.”

What your grandparents expected would follow

Reuters: Retired Gen. Michael Hayden, who headed the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency under President George W. Bush, said

"If Donald Trump follows through as president with some of the military actions he has promised as a candidate, many people in the military will simply refuse his orders."

This morning an estimated  crowd of 4.2 million angry Americans rolled into the nation's capitol and burned it down.  Soldiers based at nearby Fort McNair joined the protesters and arrested everyone thought to be a member of this cabal, which is pretty much everyone in the city.


Anonymous said...

There are a bunch of temper tantrums going on, aint there?

Helly said...

At 1st glance, this sort of obviously phony Clinton support by an accomplished soldier is puzzling. But say what you will about Hayden; he is still alive.

JLW III said...

And this is a bad thing? Aside from SCOTUS the fact that everyone will be watching him closely to keep him in check is another reason to vote for Trump.

I watched the whole 2008 Clinton thing. One claim was that Nixon used the IRS against his enemies when in fact the IRS turned him down flat.

Anonymous said...

I find it remarkable that such a cretin would posit that soldiers will not do as they are ordered whther it be lawful or otherwise. Did the army round up the Japanese in WW2? Did they kill the Bonus Army in DC?

Did the FBI allow itself to be used for political purposes by Obama and Clinton? The IRS? The DOJ.

We are a nation of caudillos not laws. The cabal in DC must be shown what a flamethrower can do, the entire lot of them.

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