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Trump-Obama gaffes

The Obamissariat                                      

OK, we all remember (those of us who have an attention span beyond today's news cycle) when Barack Obama pronounced "corpsman" as "corpse-man", or when, on Memorial Day 2008, he said he saw some of those being honored right there in his audience (prompting several wags to quip, "Obama sees dead people").

But just the other day Donald Trump made what seems like a great stride in the race to say things that indicate a stunning stupidity about military matters. His supporters cringed and his opponents attacked. [Continued]

A nice reminder Stu, but, and I may be in the vast minority here, we've reached a point where anybody with the tiniest bit of inquisitiveness is familiar with Mr. "57 States."  We are by now in a death struggle with LoFo's and hard core "progressives" for the nation's soul. Either we have enough innate health to fight off these autoimmune diseases, or we don't.  


Juice said...

First of all, no anger toward your opinion StuTarlow as you are entitled and I can appreciate your point. However ...

!Never Hillary!

I will take Mr. Trump's non-smooth-talking, non-polished, non-professional- politician, non-euphemistic speak over Obama, Hillary, Jeb, Kasich Cruz, Rubio, Romney, McCain, McConnell, Boehner, or Ryan type RHINOs any day of the week. It's going to take a huge set of ... qualified persons with the guts, brains, and perseverance to face what Obama and the Rhinos have wrought against our USA. I want an end to the business as usual politics and pray that Mr. Trump will not get sucked into the Vortex of Evil that is D.C.

Eskyman said...

We seldom hear gaffes from Cankles; she isolates herself, only speaks to select people in small groups, and almost the entire media apparatus is standing guard to spin away anything damaging that may arise, or put a lid on it if somehow the truth gets out.

Unlike the Lizard Queen, Donald Trump speaks to anyone and everyone, constantly. He speaks off the cuff, usually without teleprompters or notes, and answers any question thrown at him from anyone. When someone is as open as this, it isn't unexpected that sometimes he'll make a comment that could have been better phrased. Also unlike the Queen of Corruption, he has a good heart.

Stu Tarlowe, that article did not advance you in my view. Looks to me like you're another neverTrumptard looking for any nit to pick, and this was all you could come up with. This old vet is not impressed with you; I suggest you go pee up a rope.

Anonymous said...

I think Eskyman has it reversed. Hillary makes constant blunders in speaking. Blatant ones. It's just that she has an army of jackasses covering for her, spinning them until nobody knows what they really meant.

Except the very few who have two brain cells to rub together.


rickn8or said...

Attila the Hen (<-stealing that) doesn't have press conferences or rallies nearly so much as she stars in kabuki theater events.

Helly said...

I concur with the thoughtful comments above. Let me just add this perspective.

There were 15 other candidates in the Rep primary with unlimited resourses focused on defeating Trump. He didn't have a chance. Yet somehow he won overwhelmingly without breaking a sweat.

So he has many unappealing qualities. Since church is over, I mean to say — a raw, vulgar, repulsive character. However, the single redeeming ability to drive Lefties insane makes me like him.

Most importantly, his grasp of campaign tactics is so far above ours, he looks stupid. He makes every one one of us feel superior. This is a sure sign of genius.

Tom Smith said...

I think the point is that the left will get a pass on lies and stupidity. The press will go on and on about a Republican gaff and then repeat it some more. While that doesn't phase a Trump supporter it does have an impact on that 5-10% that are a-political and builds an opinion about the Trump because of the news cycle.

So it does help if you can avoid playing into their narrative that you are unstable and unhinged. Again, its about getting elected and those few percent will make the difference.

toadold said...

We at the Society of Prevention of Slandering Kabuki object to being compared to the main stream media, the Clintons, Obama's, and other outhouse vermin. Even the Yakuza find them vile.

Stu Tarlowe said...

Eskyman's comment is typical of the majority of comments my piece received on American Thinker, where it originally appeared. Many people (who have evidently never read a word of my 100+ pieces for AT) were quick to label me a "NeverTrumper", a pro-Hillary plant and worse.

I thought my piece was lamenting Trump's cringe-inducing propensity for boorishness, while I thought my piece was actually slamming Obama and John Kerry.

Make no mistake: I'll be voting for Trump. I think he's our only hope. As I've often stated here, I would have much preferred Ted Cruz, Allen West, Sarah Palin or even Ted Nugent, but Trump has the electability factor that no one else can approach, and that is critical.

I thought I could support Trump without being infatuated with him and willfully blind to his flaws. It turns out that just as there are Obama/Hillary-bots, there are Trump-bots.

Eskyman said...

So I'm now a "Trump-bot" because I object to concern trolling?

You've got a marvellous future at the NY Slimes, Stu Tarlowe, if you manage to turn enough people away from Trump to get Hillary elected.

Doesn't appear to me that much thought went into your piece, and that you're still damning Trump with faint praise. Naturally you would have "preferred Ted Cruz" or anyone else, that way you can keep your soi-disant "principles" intact while losing gracefully, which is what the establishment desires; that keeps the rice bowl intact, doesn't it? With plausible deniability, of course!

Oh, and so "the majority of comments my piece received on American Thinker" were negative, were they? Someone with half a brain may have learned something from that, but not you. SJWs always double down, don't they! I'm not the only one who has noticed that American Thinker has really gone downhill lately, and you are a prime example. Keep on spewing your bilge, and maybe you'll drive it right out of business! That's better than learning from your mistakes, which you won't do.

Pro tip: when lots of people thought that you didn't say what you thought you said, but something else- maybe you should think again.

I no longer recommend you pee up a rope, Stu Tarlowe. You'd need instructions on how to do that, and since you lack the necessary equipment, you'd be unable to fulfill the task. Now I suggest that you FOAD; far away, so you don't stink up the joint any worse than you already have!

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