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'We're not all SENATORS!

Topic: White Water
Boxer Gaffe
Manager Chris Cannon Reveals How He Cleared Senator Boxer's Mind-Fog
Rep. Cannon Public Appearance
March 31, 1999 Freeweb

Here's the story (paraphrased): "Since the managers were positioned in front of the Democrats, I got to know a number of the other team's senators. During Lindsay Grahams closing statement, at one point he said something like:

'We are all SINNERS. . . . All are SINNERS and fall short of the glory of God,' given in his wonderful southern

With this, Senator Boxer, who was seated right in front of me, suddenly became agitated.

'He's not a SENATOR,' she said. 'We're not all SENATORS . . . He's not a SENATOR,' she repeated several times.

 Finally I told her that Lindsay was saying "We're all SINNERS, not all SENATORS." Of course after the impeachment vote there seems little difference between the two, even if most people are not nearly as confused as Senator Boxer was (is).

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Anonymous said...

I not sure these ultra-liberal, bipolar, post menopausal actresses with a serious drinking and drug problems even know what planet they are on, let alone which country. The days when anyone would care what women like Streisand, Fonda, Cher and Carrie Fischer think faded with their looks.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I think this Boxer tirade is a perfect companion to her her later "please call me Senator Boxer" rant a few years ago.

Stu Tarlowe said...

And let's not forget, when she pulled that "Call me Senator" crap, she was speaking (talking down!) to a two-star general (Maj. Gen. Michael Walsh) who'd had the temerity to address her as "Ma'am".

What hubris! What colossal pomposity!

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