Sunday, August 14, 2016

We've Been RAPED!


China is developing a space plane that’ll go from runway to orbit and back down again at hypersonic speeds, reports Popular Science. When it is completed, the hypersonic space plane will boost the Asian country to the forefront of the aerospace industry — eclipsing the capabilities of the now retired Space Shuttle and competing with the cutting-edge British Skylon.

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CATSC) is mining the best talent and technology in the aerospace field to create the next generation hybrid plane and spacecraft. The space plane will use a combined cycle engine that allows it to take off from an airport landing strip and blast into orbit.


It appears the Chicoms have once again purloined American technology to a fare–thee–well.  Those Bastids!

I know.


Helly said...

The problem (their problem) with Chinese astronautics in general, and hypersonic weapons in particular, is they never know what planet will get hit.

Tom Smith said...

Clinton gave them the technology...........not surprised its shaped like a cigar.

pdwalker said...


Don't underestimate them. In the 90's, they were still suffering from the side effects of the cultural revolution - where all educated people were either executed, forced to work as slave labour on work farms, or just generally hounded out of positions of usefulness.

A lot of that in the last 20 years has been undone, and they are making great strides forward, especially after they implemented their "communism with Chinese characteristics" (i.e. capitalism)

Among the younger, entrepreneurial crowd, I'm seeing new and interesting technological developements.

And yes, the government will still continue to beg, borrow, steal and buy from the US. It saves them time.

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