Thursday, September 29, 2016

25% of gov't workers consider quitting

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Basket of Helly said...

The notion of bringing private sector management efficiency to public service is enough to stop the heart of a government "worker." They may solve the problem on their own by dying en masse after the election.

Dan said...

Ran into problems with this before...
Dropping GS positions and outsourcing to contractors seemed like a good idea, but we had no real quality control over the contract employees provided (no, our bosses and therefore betters had not written the requirements well and the regional contracting office had modified them further into the pits).
But once we had the slot filled, we just couldn't get rid of them for some reason.
A few years later we changed the contractor positions back to GS and found we had better control, greater retention of good employees, and lower turnover.
So, in some ways I can see it, but I'm torn because of my personal experience.

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