Monday, September 05, 2016

Media Thuggery

Thug Culture

Dr. Drew Pinsky is so afraid of Hillary Clinton and her supporters, he won’t blame them for the cancellation of his show on HLN, the sister channel of CNN.

“No, no, no. I just want them to go away!” he told one friend.

“Dr. Drew” was canceled eight days after Pinsky discussed Clinton’s health on a radio show, saying he was “gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care.”

“CNN is so supportive of Clinton, network honchos acted like the Mafia when confronting Drew,” a source told me. “First, they demanded he retract his comments, but he wouldn’t.”

What followed was a series of nasty phone calls and e-mails. “It was downright scary and creepy,” a source close to Pinsky said.

But a spokeswoman for Pinsky said the show’s cancellation had been decided weeks before Pinsky’s comments, as part of a HLN revamp that includes the end of Nancy Grace’s show.

Should we be afraid Lucy?

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Esteve said...

Should we be afraid? Drudge had a link to Alex Jones at asking the Hillary gang not to kill him. Kinda funny in a "it could happen" kinda way.

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