Friday, September 09, 2016

Obama's End Game

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest

George Washington Banished by P.C. Police

SEAHAWKS Consider Protesting As Team...

Black-Only University Housing Draws Criticism

Northwestern Bans Prof From Campus Over Website And Safety Concerns of Faculty

Relatives Upset Over Pic Of White Birmingham Police Officer Holding A Black Two-Month Old Baby While Her Parents Are Overdosing

Cal State Los Angeles Offers Segregated Black-Only Student Housing

U. Iowa Offers Black Students Microaggressions Support Group

Vanderbilt U. Plasters Campus With Gender Neutral Pronoun Guides

Georgetown U. to Give Admissions Preference to Slave Descendants

U. North Dakota Offers Social Justice Warriors Separate Housing

Clemson Stops Student Praying on Campus: Not a Free Speech Area

SUNY Binghamton Offers RA Training Session Called “Stop White People”

College Professor: Stop Having Children to Save Them from Climate Change

Oregon State Requiring Freshmen to Study “Social Justice”

Young Hillary Supporters Urge Repeal of 2nd Amendment

College Student Seeking Non-White Roommate Wanted a ‘Safe Space’

College Students Seek Non-white Roommate, “I Don’t Want to Live with Any White Folks”

Yale Rehires Employee Who Smashed “Racist” Stained Glass Window

Are there ways to undo this?  No.
We had a chance, but it's gone too far.
Maybe Praying to God? Fat chance, that.


Anonymous said...

Los Angeles is making provisions right now to protect african american citizens from the racism cast daily at them. They are giving them their own safe space to live in. The'll call it Compton. Must be heavenly.

Ralph Gizzip said...

The folks running our universities are nuttier than a squirrel turd.

Helly said...

Pity the college administrator tasked with getting a Black males enrolled.

Even at the dawn of the ballpoint pen — when I was in school — they gave Blacks segregated dorms and dining areas and clubs and silly degree programs and money to get them into the college.

So why all the crying about Black Privilege now? This has been going on for our entire lives. Now we have what? Black TSA screeners.

Esteve said...

Ralph, those nuts are training the teachers that are training American kids from age 3 to 20 something. That's the plan and it's working. I thank God my grand children are home schooled but I fear for them in the future America.

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