Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cookie Scam

Obamasized Girl Scout Cookies

We've been buying GS Cookies forever.  A few days ago the neighbor girl scout delivered this year's order.  Like everything else for the past 8 years, the price is constant ($3/Box), but the cookie size shrinks.  But, this year is a shrink too far. They are very close to being just half the size of last year's.  Not only that, the Shortbread cookie is so thin it broke when I picked one up.  And not only that, they taste like Animal Crackers, not Shortbread.  Why am I telling you this?  I don't know. If you ordered, you already know this.  If you didn't order, you can't until next year.  Next year, I will tell the little darlings that peddle the cookies, that, no!  But I will pay you $3 to shine my shoes.


Anonymous said...

American Heritage Girls


Trail Life USA

are the healthy alternatives to the
old "Scout" organizations.

toadold said...

I'm stealing "but I will pay you three dollars to shine my shoes, xx xxx.

jlw said...

you actually found a Girl Scout to sell you cookies? all i ever see anymore is a table of overweight women sitting at the door to WalMart. there might be a girl in the 8-12 range jumping around somewhere having nothing to do with selling. not a uniform in sight.

i can't recall the last time i saw Girl Scout cookies being sold by actual Girl Scouts.

Deplorable Helly said...

One reason our island average age is 70 is there are no children. (The other is life in paradise makes everyone refuse to die.) So there are no Girl Scouts. So I patronize the aforementioned tables. All of them.

Like everybody else, I cannot escape the profound sadness of declining cookie mass. It seems so un-scout-like. OTOH, there comes a certain age when less Sammie is not the worst thing. At least they still sell cookies and not dehydrated tofu snacks.

Chris in NC said...

You don't like Animal Crackers? I love those things! The Samoa Cookies were getting worse every year. Less caramel, thinner, etc. Last year they were just terrible. I don't buy them now. I just get 3 boxes and them a 10 and tell them to keep the cookies and the change and give the cookies to some little kid.

Eskyman said...

I used to enjoy GS cookies, back when they supported the Girl Scouts, American ideals and people of faith.

Now they support far more: abortion rights advocates & pro-abortion politicans (e.g. Nancy Pelosi) and perhaps Planned Parenthood (the GS denies this, but apparently it's up to the local GS Council/Troop.) One of their "role models" is that paragon of womanhood, Hillary Clinton.

I no longer buy Girl Scout cookies for those reasons.

jlw's remark amused me, as in my neighborhood it's quite accurate! Where have all the girls gone... they've been replaced by Trigglypuffs! Sad.

Cheesy said...

MAX Redline said...

I was a boy scout until I hit sixteen, then I became a Girl Scout.


Rodger the Real King of France said...


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