Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Feminazi Mayhem


Flyers advertising an upcoming speech at Cal State LA by Christina Hoff Sommers — a talk titled “Where Feminism Went Wrong” — were ripped down by what appears to be a female student who called the posters offensive, according to a video of the incident.

The vandalism occurred Thursday morning at the public campus, according to Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative campus club hosting the talk.

Sommers’ talk, slated for Oct. 4, suggests that “feminism used to demand equality … now it demands safe spaces, trigger warnings and has become hostile to men,” the flyers say.


“Thankfully, CSULA YAF printed thousands of fliers and is well-equipped to replenish the campus in the wake of desperate feminists vandalizing their property,” the group stated in response to the incident. [FULL]

Who knows what's going on  with this girl who is seemingly wearing men's underpants on her head, and sporting Three Stooges? tats.  Maybe bitter because she was never asked to the prom?  Or unhinged over Hillary's impending humiliation at the polls?  It would be an act of Mercy if a CSULA fraternity assigned a pledge to ask her out on a date.  Could work wonders on her.  Or horse tranquilizers.


Sonoboy said...

I'm tellin' ya...Send in Milo.

Helly Basket said...

Looks like boot camp for the next generation of Hillarys.

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