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            Tuesday, November 29, 2016

He was upset with how Muslims
are perceived and treated.

From Stu Tarlowe <stu@tarlowe.com>
12:48 AM (9 hours ago)

OK, so by now most of us have heard at least part of the news story about the student Ohio State in Columbus who drove his car into a crowd on the college campus, and then got out and started stabbing and slashing people until he was shot dead by a local cop.

Since the news reports at first seemed hesitant to release his name or description, one could almost have forecast that, when those details were made public, he would be black or Muslim, as those are two groups the Mainstream Media tends to protect and defend. It turns out he was both

But now that he's been identified, expect to hear that "Since he wasn't yelling 'Allahu Akhbar', authorities have no reason to believe this was in any way connected to Islam, the Religion of Peace™."

But I don't think we're going to hear much from Black Lives Matter about how he was "another black man gunned down by a racist white cop who declared himself judge and jury."

And, in all seriousness, are we going to hear anything about the reports that someone pulled a fire alarm just before the car-and-knife attack? That would have resulted in more people out on the sidewalk, providing a more "target-rich environment"; it might also indicate that the attacker had an accomplice. There are also police and witness accounts which mention a second and possibly third person involved. But I'm sure we'll instead be hearing that he was "a lone wolf" who "had been dealing with emotional issues".

It couldn't possibly be anything he'd read in the Most Holy Koran™ or heard in a mosque that made him want to go out and "slay the infidel wherever you may find him."

Actually, it has been reported that the attacker had posted on social media about his unhappiness with the way Muslims were perceived and treated; for example, he was upset that prayer rooms hadn't been provided. Well, his actions will certainly go a long way toward making people reconsider their attitudes toward Muslims, won't they?

Well done Stu.

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            Abdul Razak Ali Artan Posted by Rodger the Real King of France | 11/29/2016 10:38:00 AM | PERMALINK Back Link (3) | Send This Post | HOME


" ✔@RobSchneider

I haven't seen the Democrats this mad since we freed the slaves!


"He was upset with how Muslims
are perceived and treated"......

Then proceeded to confirm everything by going out and acting like one.

Actually there was someone on the staff of Ohio State (a big supporter of black lives matter) who did object to the fact that he was killed by a white police officer.
They're saying now (because it's impossible to ignore) that he "may have been influenced by ISIS". But note how they can blame ISIS, but wouldn't dare to suggest that it was Islam itself. Oh No, that would be Islamophobic! And Obama (who should know!) has assured us that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam!
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