Thursday, November 17, 2016

Alaska The Last Frontier

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What?  Nobody tells me about the all time greatest series ever?  I flat tripped over Discovery Channel's Alaska The Last Frontier last week, and have been gorging on it since.  The Poopsicle episode, embedded above, got me started.  The best thing? Full episodes are available on You Tube. I'm telling you, the best thing Americans can do for "every kid gets a trophy" youngins is make them watch every episode with you.  They'll learn about life; what made America great, how to face adversity, and how babies are made, and how to dispatch sick animals better then anything they get in school- and probably from you too.  I'm not kidding.


OregonGuy said...

Have you already weighed in on "Ice Pilots" on Netflix.

Sometimes the "narrative thread" is a little heavy handed, but the birds and their pilots are fascinating. And the countryside is amazing.

jlw said...

or you could take them to Alaska. i worked there twice and found the people quite amazing.

when one person pointed out that the male/female ratio definitely put women in demand, one woman replied, "Yes, the odds are good, but the goods are odd."

Alaska, worth the trip.

Jon said...

I like the show and have watched most of em but they promote it as life and death struggle. Most of the players are worth a million or 2 and eventually you'll learn that singer Jewel is Atz's daughter. Nobodys gonna die.

I think they live that way cause they want to and the producers add the "store up enough food for the winter" bull crap.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading about an entire village of sexually frustrated women up there once. There were only two men in the whole town. One was a little bitty gay guy and the other was a big ol husky f*cker.

Anonymous said...

I nominate Tim 5:44 for best comment of the month. ^5

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