Sunday, November 27, 2016

Americans Warn Clinton ...


CIVIL WAR: Americans Warn Clinton Machine Not To Meddle With 2016 Election Results

Economist Steve Moore is hardly the face of the aggressive Middle Class, but today it was Moore sending out a warning to the Clinton Machine that their intended attempts to tamper with the 2016 Election results could initiate a backlash far greater than the political ruling class in America would ever wish to face ... Washington Whispers

Mr. Moore is quite correct – Donald Trump won a near electoral landslide in 2016 and the political class who always opposed Donald Trump, are now attempting to alter the decision of the American voter.

History has not been kind to governments who engaged in such behavior, the very behavior which has been the genesis for civil war… (VIDEO)

Tell me that thought hasn't crossed your mind.  But, say that you're a George Soros globalist.  Would you worry that it could lead to civil war; or worry that it might not


Anonymous said...

Georgie better worry that it could lead to civil war, because he is way high up on my Flog Before Hang list.
All the security guards and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Georgie back up again after 50,000 Oathkeepers and armed pattriots come for him, Pinch and others.
His and his ilk's only hope would be to skedaddle to Davros, but the first job of the Restoration Army would be to disable their private jets at Teeterboro. Skedaddling might be difficult.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Not that they'll pick up enough electoral votes to change the result but why shouldn't they demand recounts in close races? That's what the system is for. And, if by some extremely remote chance it were to turn out that Trump didn't win after all, what's the problem? You may not like Hillary (h-ll, I actively dislike her as well) but if it were to turn out that she won, why object. The voters will have spoken.

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