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Comey; Distract Attention From Wikileaks

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Limbaugh: FBI Rekindled Email Investigation Just to Distract Attention From Wikileaks
by Sam Reisman | 5:07 pm, October 28th, 2016 AUDIO 157
By Dave Boyer - The Washington Times - Saturday, October 29, 2016

Vice President Joseph R. Biden called FBI Director James Comey a “straight guy,” in spite of being a Republican, who will be fair in his renewed investigation of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails. “Look, I’ve found him to be a straight guy,” Mr. Biden told CNN’s Michael Smerconish in an interview released Saturday. “He’s a tough guy, he’s a Republican, but he’s always been straight. And I’m confident that this will turn out fine.”
Responding to the news Friday that the FBI was rekindling its investigation into Clinton’s emails, Rush Limbaugh speculated that the bureau was simply trying to redirect voters’ attention away from Wikileaks’ ongoing release of emails hacked from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

FBI Director James Comey “is going to make everybody think for the next three or four days that there’s really something to be forthcoming here,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh said that the revelations in the Wikileaks material were “starting to hurt” the Clintons and that the renewed interest in an FBI investigation into her private email server would be a fruitless distraction. The radio host likened Comey to the “Lone Ranger,” riding to the Clinton campaign’s rescue. He added that Comey was “still carrying water for Clinton and is trying to get everybody to stop paying attentions to the Wikileaks dump.” Limbaugh qualified that this was the “cynical” interpretation of recent events.


It appears we are being punked big time. This election is truly a pivotal time. I fear that unless Trump wins, and by a great enough margin to survive government (Democrat)  attempts to throw it into litigation limbo, it could very well be all over. Even if Trump  should win every state, it may not not preclude that Obama will foment rebellion and declare martial law.  Sound crazy?  Bet your ass.


Anonymous said...

I ran some numbers last night.
Fedgov annual interest payment on debt of $19,200 billion ($19.2 trillion) was $432 billion at about 2.25% interest rate.
Tax revenue was $2,700 billion.
432/2700 = 16% of revenue spent on interest.

Average interest rate since 1981 has been 6.7%. If (when; it surely will) it rises to this level, interest payment becomes

$1,286 billion, or 48% of Fed tax revenue.

That will lead to default or runaway inflation caused by runaway money printing at current spending rates. Shrillary was proud to announce she will tax and spend even more.

Choose one to emulate:
Venezuela now, Zimbabwe 2007-2008, Argentina 1974-1990, 1998-2002, Weimar Republic 1922-1923.
We're one election from certain disaster, yet the DC cabal promulgates the behavior. The Dem populace is too stupid to even do simple arithmetic. Get your house in order.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Skoonj said...

As Rush said, that was not HIS interpretation, but the interpretation of a friend who e-mailed his cynical take on it to Rush. A whole bunch of MSM types assumed it was Rush's take, and were wrong. On the other hand, the sequence of events seem to be what the cynic said they would be.

Anonymous said...

More emails or not, further investigations or not, anybody that still needed convincing that the Clintons are crooks is beyond hope or changing their mind/vote anyhow.

To quote Aristotle, "At this point, what difference does it make?" OK. Maybe that wasn't Aristotle. Somebody famous, anyhow.


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