Friday, November 11, 2016

I'm Offended

Anti-Trump Protesters March, Burn Flags Around Country

Sharpton: ‘We Are Not Going Down Without a Fight and Donald Needs to Know That’

CNN: Trump ‘Crushed Two Political Dynasties’ — the Bushes and Clintons

Flashback—Nixon Told Trump ‘Whenever You Decide to Run for Office You Will Be a Winner!’


Anonymous said...

WOW - Trump did all that?
Reminds me of "An Army of One".

toadold said...

Trump had help: For example it has now been determined that Hilary's ground team went around to "targeted" voters to help them get out and vote. Many of those voters then went out and voted for trump...Opsie!

toadold said...

Almost forgot the left was bragging that they were going to shut the Drudge Report down. Drudge reported the brag. How did that attempt work out for the left? Did they get schlonged?

While I'm enjoying the childish hissy fits I'm also enjoying various attempts to kiss trump's ass and/or his schlong.

Anonymous said...

I liked President Elect Trump from the beginning. I've posted here that he pisses off ALL the right people. And now come the grovelers. This is gonna be fun!

Anonymous said...

The ass-kissers lining up on The Donald's rear are too late. Ryan's nose was firmly buried between his cheeks at 0230 November 9, and it ain't leaving there for a good long while.


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