Friday, November 11, 2016


We have a friend whose daughter attends Severna Park H.S. in Maryland. 

Mom, you have to come and get me!
Why, Are you sick?
No. It's horrible.
What? What's going on?
The kids.  They ask who you wanted to win and if you say Trump, or refuse to answer that taunt and threaten you!
Go to the nurse's room and tell her you're sick so it'll be an excused absence.  I'm on my way.


Anonymous said...

My Grand Daughter attends college and is the lone conservative of the entire student body. There is only one conservative professor on campus. They taunt her, call her a racists and all sorts of vile, racists crap. She has been threatened with bodily harm. The kid refuses to back down and refuses to be intimidated.

I'm so proud of her (and yes concerned).


Deplorable Helly said...

Sounds like a Title IX violation, Geo. That girls deserves a free education.

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