Thursday, November 10, 2016

More Clintonista Crap

Thug Culture

Yesterday, America awoke to the unexpected reality that Donald Trump was president-elect. Many Americans felt some combination of relief, excitement and optimism after being fed up with the last eight years of Washington elitists foisting their socialist agenda upon the country. But most Democrats expressed shock, dismay and disbelief as they saw their grip on national power evaporate overnight.

What do leftists do when their candidate loses? Protest, violently if "necessary."

From New York City to San Francisco, Boston to Austin, DC to Seattle, Chicago to Portland, angry and disgruntled leftists spilled into the streets, holding up signs and chanting, "Not my president." In Chicago, hundreds gathered outside Trump International Hotel and Tower shouting, "No Trump! No KKK! No racist USA!" One young woman holding up a sign that read, "Enjoy your rights while you can," said, "I'm just really terrified about what is happening in this country."

In Oakland, the protesting crowd grew to 6,000 and began rioting by smashing windows and setting fires so that law enforcement was brought in to quell the situation. Neighboring San Francisco saw hundreds of people marching and chanting "Donald Trump has got to go." One woman brought her five-year-old son to the protest and said through tears, "I don't know how to explain to him the state of the world. I want him to understand that there aren't all evil people out there." Well, she certainly could have chosen a better venue to seek to reinforce that ideal.

What is truly ironic about leftist action and rhetoric is the fact that what they claim to fear and decry is the very thing they practice. By labeling those who disagree with their point of view as bigots and racists, they are displaying the very hate they claim to be combating. And it's truly ironic that the "Democratic" Party has the most trouble adhering to and practicing the ideals of "democracy." {SOURCE}


Anonymous said...

"In Oakland, the protesting crowd grew to 6,000 and began rioting by smashing windows and setting fires so that law enforcement was brought in to quell the situation."

Greg Gutfeld had a great line about this on twitter: "it's Oakland. news of daylight savings time causes rioting. "

Just another piece of entitlement from the Democrats. They are entitled to the presidency, the senate, the house. They thought they had all of them.

That's the problem with safe spaces and not being able to listen to the other side without being triggered: you forget not everyone is down with your version of America.


MAX Redline said...

what they claim to fear and decry is the very thing they practice.

People are beginning to notice.

Stu Tarlowe said...

Wednesday night I watched a local newscast covering the crowds who took to the streets to “protest” the election of Donald Trump. Aside from the fact that the crowd resembled the crowds that had marched under the various “Occupy” banners (and seemed to use much of the same rhetoric), I noticed that the local reporter, rather than maintaining an air of professional detachment, barely hid her glee and, when describing the “protesters’” aims, expressed them as “We want” such-and-such and “We feel” this way or that.

Read more of my remarks in Friday's American Thinker.

toadold said...

Let's see Trump is already under Secret Service Protection so threats to kill him carry felony penalties. They may not be enforced now but they'll be on record and a new head of the Secret Service may have agents knocking on doors come late February 2017.

Anonymous said...

The Soros Rent-A-Mob in action. Robert Creamer is not the only outlet for Soros $.

Tom Smith said...

I turned on Progressive Radio on XM after the election to wallow in the tears...........the vitriol and hate was over whelming. He is the orange Hitler and Pence is Mike Mengele. What they think he will do is a right wing version of what Obama did do and it scares them.

Other than that it was pretty funny

Anonymous said...

If and when those SOBs protesting Trump's election ever come to their senses, assuming of course that they actually have any sense, they will find out that Trump is still going to be our President. All their ranting and raving will have had absolutely no effect on anything, except causing tons of damage, looting and burning, blocking freeways, etc., (which is what they want to do in the first place). All that is accomplishing is pissing off countless numbers of right-thinking people. And a good many of them didn't even vote.


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