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At the second presidential debate in October, Trump sounded a much harsher tone.

“If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception,” he vowed.
If this is true, it means that a President Trump would have to prohibit his DOJ from pursuing criminal actions against a known felon.  There can be no sugar coating this stain.  MFCS.


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. Really, are you? They've been buddies for ages. Trump was a true blue NYC democrat for decades. And the filthy rich always take care of each other.

Chris in NC said...

I don't think he'd stop an investigation. I think he's saying he won't direct the pursuit. I don't really care about that. I voted for the SCOTUS. If he keeps that promise, I'm good.

toadold said...

Watch the wording, There is a difference between not prosecuting and not investigating. See: Sword of Damocles.
Obama may end up sitting under the sword as investigation reveals more about his law breaking. Always Count De Monay.

Sonoboy said...

Those of us that lived through the Bill Clinton impeachment era recognize that Trump is DENYING the Demos a rallying point. She's now OLD news; move forward and let her stew in the juices of an embarrassing loss.

Oh, and just to make it clear, I hate the B*tch.

Tom Smith said...

I am in NY City this week and they are offering a few thoughts on local news..........saying that the FBI is an independent department and can still go after those around Clinton and even Clinton herself if perjury is found. Also saying that the foundation offers more corruption than the emails and this investigation could take some time.

BTW, protesters are not around.

Jim said...

Trump said he would not peruse charges relating to Hillary's email server.... I'll bet my last dollar that charges relating to the Clinton Foundation are still proceeding.

Anonymous said...

Hillary email is small potatoes compared to other major issues Trump faces that effect the nation. However, leaving a major lawbreaker walk is not a good example to set at the beginning of a new presidency. She is a habitual offender, a pathological liar who is so warped she believes her lies, and a needy grifter who will do anything to satisfy her sense of entitlement, because she's quite sure that she is the best at everything she's involved in.

The truth is she's a mediocre intellect and a lousy executive who screwed up every task she was entrusted with from Watergate to Benghazi. She failed to get even one task right over the past 40 or so years. That bitch has had 40 years to heal and never has. She should be committed to an institution for life as irredeemable.
We can only hope this is a move by Trump to prepare the battle space, trying to avoid encouraging Buraq to pardon her, for the time when he is actually the president, not a powerless president elect. Let the FBI and Congress quietly investigate and prepare a case, then slam her six months or a year from now. Giving her a genuine pass would put the "law and order" plank of his campaign right into the burn barrel.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jim above -- Trump only stated that he won't be going after her directly. From what I've been able to discern, there are 5 separate, on-going investigations into different aspects of the Clinton Foundation (and there are rumors that they've uncovered a pedophile ring as well). Those investigations haven't been shut down. That's how they'll get her eventually.

As a minimum, they may wind up stripping all the assets from the foundation, leaving her once again penniless.

Wilbur said...

There's an advantage in not appearing vindictive. That said, parse Trump's statement - he didn't rule out continuing or expanding an investigation, which may lead to a slew of charges, and for a great many cast members in the play beside Hillary. Consider this: a very quiet, and non-public, series of plea deals for all the key players, plead guilty to these felonies, we'll suspend the sentences and allow probation, the terms of which are: completely dismantle the Clinton Foundation, never engage in public speaking for money again, felons are prohibited from associating with felons so all the existing players are prohibited from getting together for even a backyard BBQ, violate terms of probation and you'll serve out the full term in a jumpsuit. Take your money, buy a remote property, and stay there. Start showing up at glitzy public events and we'll cancel the probation. The entire clan, Clintons and their associates, quietly and non-violently disappear, everyone eventually forgets about them.

Anonymous said...

precedent 0bama will issue a blanket pardon for everyone even remotely connected to the crimes they've been committing since he took office.
On Trump; He's not Hillary and that was really the only reason anybody voted for him.
We got a reprieve from the takeover of Liberalism.
Now let's CRUSH them.


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