Wednesday, November 30, 2016

SJW Weep


Got caught up watching these last night.  I was in turn disgusted; giggling like a school girl; Schadenfreudal, and, yes, compassionate.  The  SJW (SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS- LMAO), while insufferably ignorant, and I suppose stupid as hell,  are in fact victims of  Liberal media-educrat, Mengele-est mind invasion experiments that began in kindergarten.  

Oh, never mind. Laugh you ass off.  They deserve it. (By the by, these people are incapable of uttering two sentence without a F-Bomb)

SJW Lib Crybabies Reacting


Ann Coulter on Trump's Victory
PS- Ann Coulter rules. 


Sonoboy said...

My favorite is the June 2015 appearance of Saint Ann on Bill Maher’s show, replying that Trump had the best chance of winning the general election. The look on the leftist MessNBC's Joy Reid's face is PRICELESS. I can only imagine that same face (Reid’s) TWISTED into an ugly knot on election night, between bouts of crying and hurling expletives.

My offer to Ann Coulter to eat crackers in my bed still stands.

Anonymous said...

Some of those are bound to be classics. It's great to see that Saint Ann has fully recovered from her Romney Flu of the '12 election cycle and has gotten back on track. Maybe better than ever.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Yes, we all make mistakes. Now, I'm waiting for her to demand Obama's Birth Certificate.

Esteve said...

No wonder the Democratic "leadership" is composed of 70+ year old commies. The young ones are crazier than they are.

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