Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Votes and Rewards

I am now sufficiently crabby

I voted. I thawed. I ate.

We voted a straight American ticket. After nearly 9 days of a bread and water/rosary fast, I was starting to tremble. Came home and ate this crab cake that Hucker gave me 8 days ago. It was delicious.

By the by, we were standing in line and MoSup heard a woman grumble "why in heaven do they have to check I.Ds?  Who the heck is going to cheat?"MoSup turned around; recognized the lady as a known Obamunist, and replied, "Democrats."

Actually, she did not say that until we were in the car. But it was a sweet thought.


Juice said...

MoSup showed the difference between two people, with herself choosing the high road and the both of you choosing Christ. Thanks for your dedication and prayers for our country. Truth!

We're hoping to open an ice cold bottle of Prosecco for our newly elected, President Trump.

Anonymous said...

My daughter was all, "Why don't they check IDs??!?"

I replied, "then, how would illegals vote?"

*general sudden hush* in the room...

*slow smile*

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