Sunday, November 06, 2016

Words of encouragement

Buck-up Hillary. Remember that Nelson Mandela wasn't elected President of his country until AFTER he'd been in prison for 27 years!
Stu Tarlowe

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Skoonj said...

And how did Mandela get a prison sentence? He admitted the truth: he was guilty of being a terrorist.

I saw Bourdaine's CNN program on South Africa, and like most of his recent programs, it was exceptionally political. Bourdaine is a New York leftist (even as Stu Tarlowe and I are New York conservatives). Nowhere in Boudaine's program was Mandela's wife and their crimes mentioned. No mention of torture and necklacing, the horrendous murder of opponents. Opponents who were, by the way, black and not white. Their arms were chopped off at the elbows, and a car tire was put over their head, sloshed with gasoline, and set on fire. Many of the victims were children from another tribe.

No, Bourdaine didn't mention that. Mandela deserved prison, but not the acclaim he was given later. Same for Hillary. 27 years? I've heard all the stuff about her health, but I am confident she can make all 27 years.

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