Friday, December 30, 2016

carry permit


Skoonj said...

National CCW reciprocity does not mean a federal CCW. Your state still does the initial training and vetting. No need for a federal CCW.

DJMoore said...

On the other hand...Article I Section 8 delegates the power to Congress to organize, train, and equip the militia.

I propose a nationally funded high school course that issues successful students the semi-auto version of the current Army duty rifle, and 12,000 rounds of ammo--enough to practice a thousand rounds a month for a year. Attend the training muster each year, get another 12,000 rounds.

And yes: a militia card gets you concealed carry rights in every state of the union regardless of local or state law.

(Adults from 15 to 45 can just show up at muster and get trained to join.)

Anonymous said...

'Scuze, that should read "carry rights, open or concealed, long arm or side arm, fuck reciprocity".

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