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            Thursday, December 01, 2016

Black Congressmen Refuse To Condemn Ellison’s Past Proposal For A ‘Black State’

Under the name Keith E. Hakim, Minnesota Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison wrote:

“Finally, blacks would have the option of choosing their own land base or remaining in the United States. Since black people toiled most diligently in the southeastern section of the United States, this land, quite naturally, would be most suitable. That means Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. Blacks, of course, would not be compelled to move to the black state, and, of course, peaceful whites would not be compelled to move away.”

The Daily Caller reached out to Ellison’s office to ask if he still believes in these ideas and received no response. TheDC showed or read to multiple black Democrat congressmen this quote from Ellison and asked them what they thought about it.

Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson said: “I don’t see anything really objectionable. What he apparently proposed was a partitioning of the United States into a southeastern section.”

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            Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson said .... Posted by Rodger the Real King of France | 12/01/2016 12:47:00 PM | PERMALINK Back Link (11) | Send This Post | HOME


" ✔@RobSchneider

I haven't seen the Democrats this mad since we freed the slaves!

At least it would not tip over.
Please, God, give leftist blacks their own state. And legislate NO federal aid, EVER.
Fritz Schukar

Just give them California. How much further wrong could it go? Detroit comes to mind.
As long as our gun laws remain the same..........Heck, the metro areas are pretty much governed by blacks anyway. That aint enough?
Give them an Island to save on the cost of border razor wire, minefields and such. Perhaps give them North Korea.
Ummm---Liberia, anyone?
Just give them California...

There is an upside to ceding Cally to, say, its prison population. After the refugees leave, the USA could declare war on this new country, nuke it -- and carve it into 4 new states. Sound good?
“…of course, peaceful whites would not be compelled to move away...”

There’s so much historical precedent for that – Haiti, Rhodesia, South Africa.

A master plan has coalesced by my reading of this blog over the past few days. (BTW, I do not mean to sound racist to those that automatically think of the word ‘slave’ whenever they hear the word ‘master’). Here is the plan…

1.We cede California to the Left. Leftists nationwide rejoice, and as quickly as possible move to the new ‘paradise’.
2.Pre-positioned underground nukes are detonated, using natural fault lines where possible, causing California to become a massive island.
3.Since the populace of this island is composed of left-leaning individuals, the island, according to the Hank Johnson model, upends into the Pacific.
4.Life in the USA becomes good again.

And yeah, I know this is the plot line of an old Superman movie, among others, but what the hell...
We're still guffawing over Anonymous : 12/1/16, 3:41 PM's quip; among other things, it's proof that brevity is, indeed, the soul of wit!

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Yes! That Rob Schneider quote (viral) all the truth. Hope the DNC continues its slow and painful death of craziness.
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