Thursday, December 29, 2016

Goliath +2

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Today's Best Series Ever Made
Billy Bob Thornton, William Hurt. 'Nuff said. After watching Ep1 last night, we agreed to watch just one more.  After watching Ep3 we really did stop because the pizza burning in the oven had created so much smoke that eyes were watering.  Amazon scores big time here.

But Wait!  There's more.

I can't tell you why, but the other night I watched  FLEABAG (dry comedy).  The entire series in one sit-down.  I think it's brilliant ... but ....  MoSup prolly would not get past the opening 10 minutes.
One more

After watching Fleabag
(it's now 2 AM) I tapped Mozart in the Jungle (dry comedy).  This is way brilliant.  I've so far watched 5 eps. It's now into S5, and I hardly ever get beyond S3 of anything, so there's that.  What the hell, try it. I have a new respect for Amazon movies, if not for Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. Who is a schmuck.


Tom Smith said...

I liked Goliath........burned through it in 2 nights.

Juice said...

Tom Smith, Burned through it in one night, including the ever early to bed hubby who was with me until 3:30 am. We were hooked.

Hogue said...

Motzart in Jungle is A+

cato said...

Thanks for posting this....
Goliath was fantastic !

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