Monday, December 05, 2016

Larry Sinclair's Case

BROCK v. SINCLAIR                                    

My posts on Larry Sinclair go back to Sep 15, 2008, so there was a lively discussion that, surprise, the Obama media simple ignored.  Now, suddenly, I find Where has this video been for the last 8 years?

Sinclair's is the most specific, and documented case I think I've ever seen.  It is documentation that Barry Obama, in 1980, was not only a heroin drug dealer, but on more than one occasion was fellated by Larry Sinclair. 

Had this been about John McCain, Mitt Romney, or Donald Trump, imagine the media reaction.  Had this story been properly covered, there is no way Brock would have been nominated, let alone elected.  Water over the dam, but another example of how Media have betrayed us long before today.   


Chris in NC said...

If the social media had been as developed as it is today, people would have circulated that video and the talking points from it. That's one way trump one, he used social media to go around the MSM.

Eskyman said...

It amazes me that this man is still alive, with allegations so serious and detailed.

As to Obama- his whole life is a phony. Nothing surprises me about him anymore. The world's biggest con job was pulled off successfully; will the truth ever be revealed? Probably not. There's too much at stake, and consequences too severe.

Brian E. said...

@Eskyman - actually, this fellow *isn't* alive anymore. He met with an unfortunate hit-and-run 'accident' on Nov 24,2014. Or so says the internet. Look up "Larry Sinclair Death" - there's all sorts of interesting stuff. It's on the internet, so it *has* to be true, right?

These days, it's hard to tell, we've been lied to so often, and the boundaries have been pushed so far, that nothing seems to be beyond the pale anymore... :-/

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