Thursday, December 08, 2016

Michael Hayden lights his own fart

Hayden told the committee that waterboarding was used "against these three individuals because of the circumstances at the time. There was a belief that additional catastrophic attacks against the homeland were inevitable... and we had limited knowledge about Al-Qaeda ...

Well, reaction to this was swift, my friends. The Senate's second-ranking Democrat, Dick Turbin, immediately called on the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation. He threatened to hold up a Justice Department nominee if his demand isn't met. (Rush Limbaugh 2008)


Then he [Hayden] transitioned and suggested it may be time to move into areas protected by the Second Amendment. He said,

“Rather than jigger in the Fourth Amendment, and try to increase–only marginally–our ability to predict this event, why don’t you take a look at the Second? And why don’t we begin to wonder about making the guy less efficient who actually conducts the event?”

Hayden then went on to suggest we recognize that there are certain people who ought to never be able to own a gun, and that there are certain guns that ought not be owned by anyone.

See how this works? Hayden is suggesting the “counterterrorism discussion” revolve around denying access to certain weapons–say, AR-15s–to anyone because the Orlando terrorist used an AR-15 to kill people. This is an insult to law-abiding citizens who are made suspect in Hayden’s scenario and cannot be trusted with a certain type of gun on the basis that criminals and terrorists cannot be trusted with them.

Here is a novel idea for Hayden: lock up the criminals and deport or imprison the terrorists. It is they who are evil, not the guns that they sometimes use to kill people. As long as they are in our midst,they will find something that can be weaponized and will develop a method to carry out their devious actions. Disarming law-abiding Americans would only make it easier for criminals and terrorists to gain success by weaponizing rudimentary things.

The Ohio State attacker proved that. He attacked a campus where students are disarmed by mandate, thereby allowing him to wreak havoc and instill terror through the use of a car and butcher knife. All of America would be like the Ohio State campus if we were crazy enough to listen to Hayden’s attempt to justify limiting the Second Amendment. [FULL]

Hayden is one of the most, if not the most, decorated soldier in U.S. History, and the nation owes him more than a little ho-maj.  I don't at all blame him for not having Dick Turbin ... you know; dispatched.  But this latest.  What the hell is he thinking?  What happens to people who linger too long in the company of Liberal twats?  Really?  Do the Clintons have his FBI file? What? 


Anonymous said...

What kind of car was the OSU stabber driving? We need to ban those cars. What kind of knife did he buy at Walmart? We need to ban Walmart from selling those knives. Makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to ban pressure cookers too.

There's something poisonous and addictive in the DC water or air.
Almost everybody there thinks they know better than anyone else and goes on a power trip to "do good".
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

The fruit salad doesn't make you a warrior.


Anonymous said...

I get in trouble regularly for saying it would be WORSE if terrorists didn't use guns. Our own military (and every other one in the world) uses explosives or incendiaries when they want to kill people in job-lots. Bullets are for small-scale mayhem.

Mark D

Anonymous said...

Guns contribute the problem? Well then, surely short skirts and bikinis contribute to rape.

Skoonj said...

By the way, the Orlando shooter didn't use an AR15.

Billll said...

The OSU stabber was driving a Honda with a FULLY AUTOMATIC transmission.

Unknown said...

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