Monday, December 26, 2016

Swept Under *****

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Today's Gift

Five minutes into it we knew it was a winner;  "Count on it; this will be a series" pipes me.  But,sigh, it won't.  Great flick on several levels. You're welcome.


Skoonj said...

NYCP? Boy, it has been a long time. Last one I saw was NYPD.

Norman said...

OK, based on your recommendation I'll give it a try, but it looks like another imitation police drama from Canuckistan.

Aha ! IMDB confirms - Canuckistan. What is it with Canadians and "police" shows?

toadold said...

I remember just after the cold war was over, It turned out that "Kojak" was a very popular TV show in some Eastern European countries. The commies thought it was a display of the violence and corruption of a major US city, the people on the other hand were infatuated with the "reading of rights" to the arrested.
It could be that Canadians are a bit tiered of being Subjects as opposed to Citizens, Eh?

R. Kelly Coker said...

"Mr & Mrs Murder", Aussie show, same premise and much funnier. On HULU and Amazon, watch it for the weird humor.

Juice said...

Haha, great minds? I've already watched it. I thought I had figured the plot in advance, indeed I had, but it was great to watch it reveal. Since we cut the Direct TV cord we have watched more great stuff than ever at Netfix and Amazon. Add to those two the fact that you can independently add premium channels through Roku or pre-loaded perks via smart tv's and there is a world of entertainment waiting to be discovered. Ain't it great though?

Tom said...

Thanks for the heads up; I enjoyed it.

Linda Sue O'Grady said...

Fauda. Israeli series on counter-terrorism. sub-titled in English. Most very excellent.

Also... Big Bad Wolves. Loved it.

Trailer here.

toadold said...

Big Bad Wolves trailer, interesting, the dialog is Hebrew but the theme song is in English.

Linda Sue O'Grady said...

watched Swept Under last night. Really enjoyed that one!!!

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