Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Texas elector: Rat bastard

BARN ARMY                    

Merrily is P*sd

I am appalled at the Texas elector who will not vote the will of the people who placed him in his position; he doesn't deserve to be called by name. This "me baby" had a personal, popular vote to cast. And he was chosen by his party to cast a representational vote for that party. Instead, he will claim 2 personal votes for himself while citing his allegiance to the Constitution and being totally blind to his treason to it.

It does NOT matter to what political party you belong - this is a bigger issue.

Before you Ds start cheering this selfish elector for being "brave" please consider that he is a traitor to the system that the founding fathers established with God's wisdom hundreds of years ago. He is claiming to be wiser, more patriotic. I claim the opposite. He is a small child who thinks his desire is more important than others...than the country. He's asking the spotlight be placed on himself instead of the greatest nation in the world. Just another "me baby."

The correct thing to have done would have been to give his electoral vote to another Republican who would have followed the will of the people. But he just can't let go of that bit of personal, selfish power.

Look past the end of your nose to end results. "Fundamentally transforming" the country means, ultimately, its demise: more division, more focus on individual rather than patriotism. We are being torn apart from the inside by our own selfishness. Instead of "doing unto others" and becoming stronger, we are demanding little kingdoms for ourselves without considering long-term consequences.

We could start in the right direction again by recognizing the Divinity who gave this geographical miracle to us and who guided the Founding Fathers in the shaping of its government. And then giving Him His propers.
That's was righteous Merrily.  Thanks.

Reminder.  You have the duty tonight.


Chris in NC said...

Yeah, couldn't have written that better myself Merrily. Sadly, democrats have long since given up any care for the country so long as they can have power in it.

I worry how many "republican" electors are actually democrats lying about their allegiance so they can try to flip the election. We'll see. 12/19 can't get here soon enough.

rickn8or said...

Well, in the immortal words of Dolly Parton, as spoken in the movie "9-to-5", "I say we hire a couple of wranglers to go beat the shit out of him."

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