Monday, December 12, 2016



Frankly, the big story question here is, are the leaked documents legitimate?  And, the answer is yes; absolutely.  Who leaked them, and how were the gotten is the subject for the intelligence services to tackle.  Maybe some of the 16,000 FBI agents hired to administer OBAMA CARE can be used.

The first order of business then, is for the DOJ to vigorously prosecute any law breakers, and that means virtually the entire Clinton crime family will go to prison
unless some are guilty of capital crimes, in which case lethal injection is the proper punishment.

ASIDE: DNC staffer Seth Rich, is thought to be one of the leakers, and now he is dead. The impetus came from Bernie supporter's within the DNC who were pissed over the way he was smeared, shafted and screwed by Hillary's machine. There are obviously still more leakers, and they all deserve the Medal of Honor for extraordinary actions against America's enemies, during time if war, and with complete disregard for their own safety. 


toadold said...

"Why isn't this story in the US news?", "Well Duh!"
And so the US press cuts off another of their wieners, steering themselves into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

This is the dnc and Fake News personified. The night that the dnc convention opened and the dnc email story broke, they scrambled talking heads within five minutes and started accusing the Russians of the hack. The Mook, Fallon and the rest of them rushed out to proclaim that the Russians were responsible for the leaks. Never have they ever disputed the authenticity of any of the "contents" of the emails.

Last week Tucker Carlson had Rep Adam Schiff on his show and destroyed him over the Russians responsible for the hacks and leaks. The video is available and worth taking a look at, the same goes for his show.

Just like they delegitimized George Bush {43} after 2000, this is what we are all going to hear for the next four years, with the likes of McLame, Ms Lindsey and others lending a hand with it.

Trump was accused of undermining our democratic process, when he wouldn't commit to accepting the results of the election, on election night and concede. The dems have been on a mission since the election to delegitimize Trump and the election ever since November 8th. What do we call their effort?

{Rat Bastards, is what I call them}

Stu Tarlowe said...

If we hear this "delegitimization" malarkey for the next 4 years, that'll be OK. But their real aim now is to derail the inauguration, even calling Trump's election a "national emergency". Between that and whatever other crises they can gin up or just plain stage (e.g., increasing tensions with China and/or Russia), they're desperate for an excuse to suspend the inauguration. And if they succeed, and we take to the streets to protest/resist, that'll play right into their hands also.

Esteve said...

While the media and the Democrats are on the ropes it looks like McConnell and Ryan may still come to their rescue. From the headlines on Drudge it seems they still haven't decided whose side they are on.

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