Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The VA. Again.


Howya eat the damn thing?

Catch and  ... What?


Pollen's a bitch this year



FBI Wants Apple to Unlock My Cloud
So far they refuse.

So here's the problem.  Three or 4 months after I bought this thing (iPad Air) I began getting notices that I'm nearly out of space.  Even after I deleted all pics, etc., the warning continued.  The suggested solution was to buy more Apple storage.  Okay, I signed up for 200 GB at a $3.95  monthly (or thereabouts).   No more messages for 6-7 mos- even though the new Cloud file had zero space  used --  when BANG, the warning is back.

The solution was 1.0 TB Cloud memory @ $9.95/mo.  Now of a sudden the warnings are back.  As you can see, not an inch of the 2TB Cloud is being used.  One would assume that when Apple contracted  me for more storage that their MFCS!#!!!# system would automatically use it.  But no.  Anyone have a solution? 

Aside, After spending too much time trying to contact Apple support, I finally got an appointment for an on-line chat at a certain time.  They were a no-show.

Obama is Septic

Tommy Joe Mann

Doughnuts Risen

art is everywhere                                                   

Our daughter found this "art" taped behind grand daughter's (7) door.  The eyes are donuts.

First Female NFL Ref

Stewart Francis

One Liner Heaven

You're Welcome