Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Schizoid Nation

  1. Gallery fined for displaying nude art...
  2. ESPN Fires Analyst Curt Schilling for Anti-Trans Post...


RACIST? Everything this administration does is race-centric.

$20 Tubman

Because she's the 1,765,322nd most notable historical figure in the nation's history.

Bump and stumble

Alcoholics don't run in my family - they mostly stumble around and bump into things.

Obama's High Heel Troopers


The wussification of our military is in full swing, thanks to all the empty suit "yes-men" clad with stars and medals prancing about the Pentagon promoting political correctness [PC]. Obama has done a remarkable job hiring, inspiring and attracting military leaders who check their backbones along with their cell phones at the Pentagon's front door. Valiant leaders like Gen. Stanley McChrystal had to exit before the spine removal surgery could begin.

You may recall the Washington Times piece awhile back reporting that Arizona State University Army ROTC cadets were allegedly pressured by leadership to walk around in high heels to "raise awareness of sexual violence against women." Raise awareness? I reviewed the pictures and fail to grasp how male soldiers sporting heels, many in uniform, did anything but serve to demoralize those who voluntarily serve.

Meanwhile, the Commander-in-Chief wearing mom jeans sits in the Oval Office with his pen and phone diligently working to leave his legacy of a softer, gentler, more touchy-feely military.

Meanwhile, the Commander -in- Chief wearing mom jeans sits in the Oval Office with his pen and phone diligently working to leave his legacy of a softer, gentler, more touchy-feely military.
Mr. Obama recently added verbiage to the Army's section of the 2017 DOD budget, ensuring the Army "will provide every Soldier and civilian equal opportunities to rise to the level of their merit regardless of their gender, their race, or their self-identity," reports the Washington Times.

While unbiased opportunity is terrific, what place does "self-identity" have in an organization steeped in conformity and tradition, not individualism?

In this brave, new age of "Call Me Caitlyn" and Rachel Dolezal, the corrosive effects of political correctness in our public restrooms will do the same to the military. As it stands, the next president will inherit a squishy U.S. military, so slimmed down and overrun by political correctness it is virtually unprepared to address the rising threats of a dangerous world and defend the United States as the Constitution so charges. [Full]


Woody loses his cherry ...

And we liked it that way ... 

Socialism Explained For Dummies

  A yeomanlike defense of free markets                                    

Tennessee Sues Government over Immigration

Holder's Mustache                           

"... and we urge the Attorney General to act without delay ...

Surely not this Attorney General ... ??

Loretta Holder

NASHVILLE, Tennessee–On Tuesday, the Tennessee General Assembly declared it will sue the federal government over its refugee resettlement program on Tenth Amendment grounds.

 “The General Assembly clearly understands the importance of public safety and state sovereignty as demonstrated by the overwhelming support of this Resolution for which we are thankful. The Syrian surge heightens our sense of urgency to get this properly before the courts, and we urge the Attorney General to act without delay,” [FULL]
The 1997 film is set in a United States in which foreign immigration has skyrocketed: The mayor of Los Angeles speaks only in Spanish, Rhode Island is populated mostly by Chinese-Americans, and Alabama has a congressman from India. Politics is openly reduced to a matter of catering to various ethnic groups for their votes - the Alabama congressman will only support the president if his state receives more money for Hindu temples. When an atomic weapon is used in Pakistan, an international organization makes plans to bring orphans to Idaho.

Idaho governor Jim Farley (Bridges) orders the state's National Guard to close its borders, as Idaho has already received more than a million refugees; he acknowledges this even though the Governor himself routinely indulges in Mexican food, Mexican soap operas, and an affair with a Mexican-American reporter (Peña). Despite the best efforts of his press secretary Jimmy Cannon (Kevin Dunn), Farley remains largely oblivious to the national crisis he's the center of, since Farley is more concerned with rekindling his romance with his mistress rather than dealing with national matters.

Meanwhile, the President of the United States (Hartman) turns out to be an equally ineffectual leader, ruthlessly exploiting immigration to fill districts and states with those most likely to vote for his own party. He will move more Koreans to New York since Koreans are one of his core constituencies. Reputed as indecisive, the President delegates his decision-making entirely to his advisors, most notably his unofficial chief advisor, lobbyist Jack B. Buchan (Coburn).

Buchan, however, is less concerned with the good of the nation, and more concerned with politics, especially how the President's actions will play on television (resulting, for example, in a 72-hour deadline being shortened to 671⁄2 hours to prevent the news from interrupting Susan Lucci's farewell appearance on the soap opera All My Children). Buchan regularly influences the President's decisions by manipulating his desire to emulate previous U.S. presidents, even going so far as to pepper presidential statements with fictitious "quotes" from President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Meanwhile, the NN cable network is reporting the events and influencing them at the same time. News director Mel (Dan Hedaya) attempts to time events to maximize ratings, while his staff becomes polarized over the political issues involved in the conflict between the Governor and the President. Standard fare for the cable network is to show footage of crying immigrant children, which is done with the Pakistani orphans waiting to move to Idaho.

As the deadline approaches, the Governor and the President call in, respectively, the Idaho National Guard and the United States Army. Tensions rise when the commanders of both units turn out to be bitter rivals from the Gulf War. Meanwhile, governors from other states send in their own National Guard units to aid one side or the other, causing the conflict to escalate into the national arena. Mexican-American pro-immigrant rioters bomb the Alamo, while anti-immigrants retaliate by bombing the Statue of Liberty because of its plaque, stating that "We no longer want your tired, your poor or your huddled masses." [Second Civil War]

Not for the first time am I struck by the prescience shown by the  movie "The Second Civil War."  By comparison with this administration, the buffoons in the film are  genius.  The idea that Obama's DOJ would now secure our borders and observe a sane immigration policy is insane.