Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Counterfeit Sperm

Parkinson disease cure?

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Romancing the WHAT?

“Bernie has that jungle fever”

“My first night on the bus was mind-opening in so many ways,” writes ‘Heather.’ “For most of the evening, as we sped down the highway, puffs of pot smoke billowed out of the cracked-open windows. As we toked into the night, the burning in my lungs became a ‘berning’ in my loins. Before long Bernie took two of us into the sleeping quarters in the back and, like a true socialist,
“Bernie has that jungle fever,” we were told by ‘LaShawn’. It seemed that at any given time, Sanders had four or five black women as part of his groupie entourage. As one diary entry illustrated, this was not uncommon.
made sure we were both fully – and equitably – satisfied. After a sensible session with this gentle yet vigorous lover, it was only then I realized his trademark unkempt hair was the result of habitually leaving the bus fresh after administering equitable sexual enchantment.”

“Last night was the greatest experience of my life,” writes ‘Trisha’. “LeShawn, Justine and I were taken into Bernie’s hotel room and kept there, as Bernie’s personal communal property, throughout a two-day campaign stop. I had never had sex with a man that old before, but before I knew it he had us all experimenting with one another while he stood at the foot of the bed, his member at full attention, as he coolly recited his campaign strategy for economic reform. Eros, dear diary, was at that moment radically  redefined.”

“For my second night on the bus, Bernie wanted six of us to lay on the bed in a circle, black to white to black and so on, with our mouths buried in each others’ privates. Some of the ladies were a little unfamiliar with this, but after my time with Joe Biden on the Obama campaign, I was very used to delving deep into other women. This was a unique experience, though, and it was only further proof of just how adamant he has always been about civil rights. It was then that I felt his cock in my a**.”  [FULL]

I did not make this up!

It's not about the nail

Ann Hedonia and Sam Paku comment

Disney on Ice

Déjà vu, all over again


Someone comes to mind... Hmmmmm Think about it.  In 1980 the world was a mess with radical Islam on the ascent, and targeting the USA. We had, probably, the worst president in modern times bungling a response. The GOP tried everything in the book to derail his candidacy.  Unions, always a safe Democrat sinecure flocked to him.  He had a beautiful, elegant wife.  I had a neighbor who went apoplectic at the mere mention of his name. Whoa! His election had the practical effect of hijacking an incompetent GOP, and failed in the long term only because his VP succeeded him and undid it all.

Oh snap! 
There is this ... How Trump Killed Reaganism.  So, once elected we'll have to depose him (via impeachment of course), and V.P. Palin will make everything right.