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(or any Dem Pols who served in combat?)

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Hillary Deems Trump ‘Dangerous Donald’


Naturally, the mockery came pouring in:
“Crooked” Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have finally settled on the best possible retort to Donald Trump: “Dangerous Donald.”

No, seriously:

A DNC spokesman blasted Trump for “just spouting nonsense he reads on the Internet or in the tabloids.” Dubbing him “Dangerous Donald,” the DNC official said Trump “lacks the judgment and temperament to serve as president.”

This is the nickname they came up with. “Dangerous Donald.” At least “Crooked Hillary” and “Lyin’ Ted” have an edge to them. “Dangerous Donald” sounds like a kid who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks that your parents don’t want you hanging out with. [FULL]

My Hillary fan readership's fallen precipitously since 1992, alas.  I sure wish some were here now, to answer one simple question:

Name a single Hillary Clinton accomplishment (outside of being married to the POTUS, and getting elected to the Senate (from NY)—EVER?

The leftist  DAILY KOS blog offers an extensive list that includes: First ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley College; First female partner at Rose Law Firm (*OMFG!), Arkansas Woman of the Year in 1983, Served on five Senate committees; (voting record here:

Impressive, wot?; but it's here where she really shines:

  • Most scandals by a First Lady
  • Most Senate investigations into the behavior of a First Lady
  • Most indicted and jailed associates by any woman, ever, including Ma Barker.
  • And these .....
you're welcome

Romney v. Trump (wins)

More Republicans Voted Against Mitt Romney

in 2012 Than Vote Against Donald Trump 2016…

Smartass kids and a failure

                   fun for kids

And then there's this ..

The last kid here fails, but that's on our education system

First Big Improvement

JLW III May 5 (2 days ago) to pecksnif

Having the Donald as the POTUS would
 certainly improve this picture. JLW III