Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bad Seeds


Alawa is a 25-year-old Syrian immigrant who is not afraid of provocation and expressing her opinions, even if they are blatantly racist and anti-American. Some examples of her radical tweets include this: (/11 changed the world for good ...

Worse yet, this active social media personality is also influencing U.S. national security. In 2015, Alawa received her American citizenship and also became one of fifteen individuals serving on the Homeland Security Advisory Council, Countering Violent Extremism Subcommittee. So, we have an individual who wants to undermine our country and the freedoms it protects, giving advice to our Department of Homeland Security.

The whole Countering Violent Extremism terminology is based upon a false narrative. The intention of it is to divorce terrorism done in the name of Islam from the religion as a whole, thus negating the term “Islamic terrorism.” This appeals to the Left’s description of Islam as a religion of peace; thereby, any violence conducted with Islamic justification is not genuinely Islamic.

The subcommittee Alawa is a part of recently released a report exhorting DHS to “adapt to the changing nature of violent extremism itself” by giving greater consideration to “anarchists, sovereign citizens, white-supremacists, and others.” It’s not surprising that someone who espouses racist sentiment like Alawa would want to divert attention away from herself and go after predominantly white radicals. It also effectively shifts the attention away from radical Islam to other Right-wing fringe groups who pose less of a threat to U.S. security. (The Full Deck)

Alawa's appointment is no isolated case of Obama puttingno, infiltrating Muslim radicals into our daily lives, and in positions of authority.  The chances that we, along with Europe, will not find ourselves in a  shooting war with them are 0.  Zero.  I also have zero faith in government ability to protect us anymore, and suspect its loyalty to our country is questionable. So do you; and so do most people you know.  They are this year's silent majority.



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