Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Turn & Churn, et al

These are great.  $5 a shot, but look at it this way. Put any crap gift you want into this empty box and your,   say turd in-law, will be talking about it for a month.  However, if you're looking to really make a statement probably anonymously try these guys. I posted on them a dozen years ago, and by gar they're still going strong. 

You're Welcome.

I know


art is everywhere                                                   

Wow, this flashback from Feb 12, 2003.  It seems even the links (if still live) are available.

Sacrament of FB?

tom mann

Before It Was Mainstream

Was Into Brexit Before It Was Mainstream

Covering your zits

Just because stuff                  


It's sheer serendipity that determines what catches my fancy.  In this instance, instead of hanging up when YouTube rotated this video onto the screen, I became captivated by the girl's delivery.  And then stupefied as to how this would all end.  And then amazed that she, maybe 15-16 years? had mastered a skill set about something as arcane as blushes and brushes and could command my attention and draw 891,245 views.

Oh, also, it has nothing to do with politics. Or, nudity.

Oh Deer, Nip Sips, Deer Nurse ...



The Milk OF Human Kindness

And this This Dog (http://www.sliptalk.com/half-dead-dog/) Was On The Brink Of Death For 2 Whole Weeks. On The Third Week Though, A Miracle Happened.

Oh Deer