Friday, July 08, 2016

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California Steaming


Will California ever thrive again?

The wealthy elite escape the regulatory hell they’ve created for the underclass

Victor Davis Hanson - - Wednesday, July 6, 2016

There was more of the same old, same old California news recently. Some 62 percent of state roads have been rated poor or mediocre. There were more predications of huge cost overruns and yearly losses on high-speed rail — before the first mile of track has been laid. One-third of Bay Area residents were polled as hoping to leave the area soon.

Such pessimism is daily fare, and for good reason.

Grass-roots voter pushbacks are seen as pointless. Progressive state and federal courts have overturned a multitude of reform measures of the last 20 years that had passed with ample majorities.
The basket of California state taxes — sales, income and gasoline — rates among the highest in the United States. Yet California roads and K-12 education rank near the bottom.
After years of drought, California has not built a single new reservoir. Instead, scarce fresh aqueduct water is still being diverted to the sea. Thousands of rural central California homes, in Dust Bowl fashion, have been abandoned due to a sinking aquifer and dry wells.

One in three American welfare recipients resides in California. Almost a quarter of the state population lives below or near the poverty line. Yet the state’s gas and electricity prices are among the nation’s highest. [Full]

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A cake for Hillary


Rawlings 4 VP!

   Black Lice Matter Blather

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings for DEM VP?

Stephanie Rawlings is the perfect choice for Hillary and the Dem's VP mate.  Her CV:

  • She's a woman of color
  • She's utterly incompetent
  • She's a racist
  • Her handling of the Freddie Gray case (where a black thug died after being arrested) saw the Ferguson Black-Lice- Matters rent-a-mob move to Baltimore and foment rebellion (which mob she sided with)
  • Her demand that six police officers be criminally tried for "killing" Freddie Gray has so far produced three acquittals, each after the judge castigated prosecutors for making stuff up. Yet she continues.
  • The Baltimore PD is a  shambles. The number of uniformed officers fell 6.1 percent last year and is falling at a faster rate this year.
  • Crime is skyrocketing.
  • She's a Cnut.

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