Monday, September 12, 2016

This Weekend with Hilly


This Weekend with Hilly
Hillary Clinton Passing/Fainting Out At 9/11 Ceremony

Lindsey Graham said what?


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R.-S.C., had trouble absolving Donald Trump's supporters of racism when he was asked to explain the real estate mogul's success in the Republican primary season.

Graham denounced Trump for race-baiting during an appearance on "The Daily Show," but the comedy host turned the question around on him. "If you say Donald Trump is not a Republican, why does it seem like the Republican base fits him like a glove?" Trevor Noah asked Wednesday night. "Have you maybe given them an impression that this is a party that supports xenophobia and bigotry, all of those things you listed? Is that possible?"

The audience cheered as Graham shrugged. "Thirty-five percent of my party believes that Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya; [Trump] has locked that crowd down," he replied. "Now, sixty-five percent of us just think he's a bad president." [Full]

My rejoinder:
Please explain how "Thirty-five percent of my party believes that Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya," earns the lede "Lindsey Graham: 35 percent of GOP is racist?"

The real story here, for me, is this.  The (source) Washington Examiner is now just another web presence I once found a good source for conservative news & viewpoints, that are now among the GOP elite that's more hostile to Donald Trump than to Hillary Clinton.   

I suspect the cause is those "journalists" depend on core GOP elitists for the insider information, the manna that make them a worth a paycheck.  Trump's ascension to the throne  scares the crap out of  their old bull congressional clients, so they respond like traditional leftist media do; they let
suckup trump truth.  Fkm. All.